About YOGAudacious

In 2014, YOGAudacious was created to celebrating 52 different courageous women (one each week) to help diversify the faces, bodies and stories of yoga in media. Now, we are approaching our second year of stories and we want to feature YOU!

We believe that not only does it take courage to show up on your yoga mat, but when you do, you feel even more brave. By sharing the different stories of women benefited by the practice yoga, we hope to create new role models who inspire more women to get on their mats.

About Gigi

Gigi Yogini, M.A., is a yoga instructor who inspires women of every age, shape and size to love and respect their bodies. She is an advocate for healthy body image and believes that yoga can help cultivate courage and confidence in addition to physical and mental health and wellness.

Listed as one of Origin Magazine’s “Most Beautiful Women Portraying Strength, Passion and Vision,” Gigi is committed to being an alternative voice and role model of what a “yoga body” can look like. She created this project to highlight a variety of inspiring yoginis and their unique stories. As a result of YOGAudacious, the Yoga and Body Image Coalition was created to promote yoga for all.

To Get Involved

If you, or a woman you know, would be interested in sharing a story of courage, fill out this survey HERE. We appreciate all submissions and while we won’t be able to feature everyone, if your profile is chosen, you will be contacted to provide a photo and further information.

In the meantime, connect with us on social media, using the hashtag #YOGAudacious and sign up for the mailing list to receive a monthly motivational email featuring different inspirational stories from the prior weeks.

If you’d like to bring Gigi to host a YOGAudacious event in your city or yoga studio, please email the team HERE.

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