Fawn Bell

Fawn BellWhat first brought you to yoga?

I needed a more gentle & accessible form of exercise. I LOVE to practice, teach, and share because yoga is the only form of exercise that shows me how to “get out of my own way.”

Yoga proves that not every workout needs to be brutal.

How do you define a “yoga body.”

My body is a yoga body! And so is yours and hers and his. I define a yoga body as any body that wants/needs/craves/desires movement that also requires love/compassion/grounding/ and just plain calm. Being that I have a beautiful, bountiful body, the yoga that is portrayed in the media made me feel like I would not be capable. Well, guess what….I was WRONG.

How do you identify as being Audacious?

I live my life this way, in ALL aspects. Yoga, for me, is definitely a way of sharing this fearless way of life with others. My mantra that I share very vocally is ” I AM BEAUTIFUL JUST AS I AM & SO ARE YOU”.

Fawn Bell

43yrs old, 200 lbs, 3 grown kids, married 25 years. Owner of my Salon & yoga studio, small but fierce.
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