Mary Haberski

Screen Shot 2014-05-26 at 7.46.31 PMHow did you find yoga?

My practice started 13 years ago in my living room with a VHS tape. I was lost, confused, and frustrated about the direction of my life. I worked countless hours, for thankless jobs in corporate America. It seemed as though my health was failing at every turn and I was often feeling stressed, down and out.  At the core, I knew my life was meant for service but via waiting tables or managing retail stores.

The more I practiced, the more I started to feel a tremendous weight lifted off of my heart. I had no idea about the profound effects of the practice, all I knew is that it made me relaxed and energized at the same time.

How are you courageous?

I would say that I am very courageous and independent. I moved across the country on my own from Chicago to Venice Beach to pursue my dreams of being a yoga teacher in L.A. I also went to live in India for two months by myself to study yoga under the Raja Yoga tradition for Hatha and Ashtanga yoga in Rishikesh.

During my stay I also had the privilege of studying under Usha Devi, the direct disciple of BKS Iyangar. Along my travels I met my Guru Ji Mooji.  His teachings of the truth of our identity, and laws of the universe, resonated directly into my heart.

I think it’s important to go for it in life, you never know what you can achieve unless you try.

What are some of your rituals?

I burn sage before I meditate to clear the space. Then I burn palo santos to evoke Mother/Father god.

Advice for beginners?

No one is paying attention to your practice, try not to judge yourself too harshly. Everything is a process, be patient….(ha – I should listen to my own advice). It requires patience and constant work to be at ease and trusting in the perfection of how things are.

Mary Haberski

My life, on and off the mat, is yoga. The breath, the interactions, the connection and the void. It is everything and it is nothing. One beautiful union with the divine, of mind, body, and soul, my existence and yours. All is one. Visit

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