Melissa Maltais

melissa-maltais-yoga-shotWhat first brought you to yoga?

I first started doing yoga in high school. I remember teaching poses to my homeroom class. I really started practicing more in my early/mid 20′s at a time when I was suffering from major depressive episodes.

Yoga brought me peace and soothed my anxiety. In time I felt more connected to the earth. Over time I gained more confidence in myself and who I was hoping to become.

What did you think yoga was before you tried?

I remember yoga being referred to as a “hippie” thing, but being a true “hippie” at heart, I felt like I found a piece of home in my heart when I first started to practice.

Do you identify YOUR body as a yoga body?

I don’t believe at all that there is a defined yoga body. There was a period in my life when I was unhealthy and overweight, so going to classes with ladies who were tiny, flexible, and fit in their super cute spandex was a big deterrent. As I practiced more, I lost weight and incorporated some major lifestyle changes. After another 10 years of practice, I can confidently hold my poses like nobody’s business.

How do you identify as being Audacious?

As I’ve grown, I’ve truly come to appreciate who I am and have far more confidence in who I’ve become. I’m a young woman who has a great connection to the living world and animals. I’m a loyal and caring friend and I exude creativity, love, and kindness. I’m audacious in my life practices as someone who simply hasn’t given in to the societal norms and I continue to live my life preaching simplicity and kindness.

Advice for Beginners?

Start your practice somewhere that you feel comfortable with poses you can easily do. Also, attend classes occasionally because you’ll realize that you’re not the only one who can’t hold certain poses. The energy at some classes is amazing. I have never walked away from a class saying to myself that it was a waste of time and money.

Melissa Maltais

Born and raised in a small city in Northern Ontario Canada. Lived in Victoria BC Canada for a few years and "found myself." Just recently married and am following through with a life long dream of starting my own business!"

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