Shauna Rowley

unnamedWhat first brought you to yoga?

The birth of my first baby originally brought me to the beautiful practice of yoga. I love yoga because it brings my soul to that place of what’s important and quiets the monkey mind. I see my body in a very different way then I used to and focus on the amazing things it can do instead of focusing on the size of my pants and shirts and the media’s perception of beauty.

What did you think yoga was before you tried?

I definitely didn’t realize the spiritual aspect! I felt that it was stretching but more passive. I felt out of my league when I would look at the well known yoga instructors. I didn’t realize the strength it required for sure! One of the nicest surprises is how well it has toned my mind as well as my body!

How do you define a “yoga body.”

Its taken me time. I’m a larger yogi and I have my days where I feel like the elephant on the mat in the room. But now, as I get stronger and healthier in mind and body, I can say yes! I am very proud of my 45 year old yoga body!!!

How do you identify as being Audacious?

I honestly think just living and going to the store or out to coffee with a friend can be “audacious” living. I suffered from social anxiety disorder for years and realize how for some, that growth that may be mundane. To others, it makes the afflicted feel heroic! When I get on the mat I’m able to be in the present moment and put all anxiety and trauma aside… I think that’s audacious!

What would you say to someone who is interested in trying yoga?

I would say go into yoga with the goal of self and try and leave ego and judgement of self at the door. Truly breathe and move together and watch how not only your body relaxes but your mind does as well. Be prepared to work hard and to learn how to breathe! Trust the process, it’s there for you and only you. The benefits are eternal.

Shauna Rowley

I am a 46 year young woman and mom of two children with special needs. I am currently completing my 200 hour certification with Yoga Community in Sonoma California.I knew Yoga was my path when tragedy revealed many silver linings in my life. When I hit bottom and everything else fell away yoga is what stayed! Yoga sustained me and offered that ray of hope!I want to teach the world the peace I have found despite earthly
circumstances!This is my path…Om shanti!

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