Tanya Weston

tanya-weston-yoga-shotWhat first brought you to yoga?

I first came to yoga for the exercise and had no idea what to expect. I love how yoga isn’t a checklist, it’s not a competition and it’s a lifelong journey of self discovery and realization.

What did you think yoga was before you tried?

I thought yoga was for Stepford wives to go stretch with each other and then go to lunch before their weekly facial. I was afraid that it would be cliquey, that I wasn’t pretty enough and didn’t have the right clothes. That all changed when I saw my first class with all ages and body sizes, but zero judgement.

How do you define a “yoga body?”

Any body is a yoga body. Of course, old insecurities come back when my belly gets in the way of certain asanas or my weight distribution and (lack of) strength doesn’t allow for me to do some poses. I know that with practice and patience I will be able to do anything I visualize. Practice and all is coming.

Advice for beginners?

Find a good teacher. A good teacher will push you when self doubt gets in the way, but back off when they have to.

Tanya Weston

Tanya moved from Toronto to Brooklyn in 2012, and works for GQ Magazine. When she's not obsessing over learning more about yoga and deepening her practice, she's probably watching documentaries on Netflix and playing with her dachshund.

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