Yolanda Bradley-Crocker

yolanda-bradley-crockerWhat first brought you to yoga?

A few years ago, I came to yoga in an effort to manage symptoms of clinical depression and anxiety and also deal with recurrent pain from a lower back injury. In addition to the mental and physical benefits, yoga has helped me improve myself as a person.

I learn something new about myself almost every time I get on my mat.

What did you think yoga was before you tried?

Before I tried yoga, I was skeptical.

I had heard many great things about the benefits a yoga practice could offer, but from the outside looking in, I just couldn’t see how what appeared to just be glorified stretching could make such a difference in people’s lives. I soon found out the truth. From the first time I attempted a sequence, I have gained more than I ever would’ve imagined.

How do you define a “yoga body”?

Yoga is for everyone. A person’s practice is their own, not to be compared to that of another. That includes level of ability to get into a pose as well as body shape or size.

How do you identify as being Audacious?

I try to show up authentically in life everyday, by speaking my truth, and making choices that align with the needs of myself and my family regardless of how unpopular they might be.

Advice for beginners?

Just give it a try. Don’t get wrapped up in all the details, all the varieties, all the materialistic options. Just keep it simple. Find a style that works for you and go from there.



Yolanda Bradley-Crocker

I reside in Northwest Indiana with my husband and five wonderful children. I am a writer, artist, avid reader, and nature lover. I hope to be starting yoga teacher training in the spring.

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